Sample Abstract Print ON SALE!

$65.00 Sold Out

We are cleaning out the studio and selling floorstock at massively discounted prices! This artist print is ready to go.

This artwork is printed on 300gsm cotton rag archival paper and is signed and numbered as an AP (artist print) by the artist.

This artwork measures 32.3cm x 48.3cm and is full bleed on the paper. This artwork is supplied unframed.

This print is on sale for $65!

Handle with Care!
All prints are handled with the utmost care when being placed into tubes or packaging. Both the printer and the artist witness the prints being packed and do not allow for any imperfections to be passed onto clients.

Your print is very delicate and should only be removed from the packaging by a professional framer. Any creases or imperfections are not the responsibility of the artist.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions!

by Rowena Martinich