Be it on a hotel development, packaging design, a performative event or a country wide multi-store window activation, Martinich&Carran love to collaborate.

Below are some of the projects that we have collaborated on. If you our your business would like to collaborate with us, get in touch!


Mantra Epping is a newly built 4.5 star hotel in the growth corridor of Epping, Melbourne. Raising the bar and setting a new standard in hospitality and luxury for Mantra, the developers: Too_Build, sought out the finest locally sourced finishes, designers and artists to provide the interior fit out for this hotel. Too_Build approached the creative duo of Martinich&Carran to provide over 260 limited edition prints for the hotel rooms, and a large original foyer painting to greet visitors as they entered the building.

This project was an incredibly exciting commission for Martinich&Carran, as it exemplifies the expansive breadth and commercial application of our art practice. 


One of Rowena’s favourite things to do is collaborate, so it was very exciting when the team at Eleven Australia approached Rowena to work with them to create the artwork for their 2018 holiday season packaging.

With four tailored-made packs featuring some of Eleven Australia’s most sought after products, there’s a combination to suit every hair type for the holiday season.

Rowena created an artwork specifically for Eleven Australia, and from this piece details have been selected to bring fun, playful energy to the Holiday collection.


In 2016, Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran were commissioned to create a large performative artwork at the grand finale of The Most Imaginative Bartender Awards. This event was held at the Rumpus Room on the penthouse floor of the Mondrian Hotel, London. The site for the artwork was on the bar windows which overlooked the Thames.

The theme of the evening was ‘every glass is a blank canvas,’ and this was our starting point. As dusk turned to evening, the artwork came to life in response to the spectacular cocktails that were being created at the event. The rich botanicals and spices that make gin, and the abundance of mixers that can shake together for a delicious concoction, bartending implements and glassware, and the energy of the excited crowd was the inspiration for this vast, actively painted artwork. In the lead-up to the event, Rowena and Geoffrey attended a series of challenges and heats to get a true understanding of the process behind the bartender’s craft.